WOW Museum Munich Coming Soon

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We're bringing WOW to Munich!

Great news! Munich will soon be a bit more colorful and fascinating. We are delighted to announce that the WOW Museum — following its huge success in Zurich — will now also open its doors in Munich! The WOW Museum is not just a museum; it is a world of experience that takes you into the incredible world of optical illusions and puts your perception to the test.

Be the first to know!

We'll keep the exact opening date a little secret — but believe us, it will be terrific! Would you like to be one of the first to know when it's time? Then follow us on our social media channels and keep an eye out. We promise you that there will be an opening event that Munich won't soon forget!

Why Munich

Munich is a vibrant heart of art and culture. With its lively scene and open, enthusiastic community, it is the perfect location for our next WOW museum. We can't wait to become part of this city and create magical moments together.

See you soon at WOW Museum Munich!

See you soon and stay curious

Your WOW museum team