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WOW Magic Nights!
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Admission only possible with Covid certificate
Admission only possible with Covid certificate
Admission only possible with Covid certificate
Admission only possible with Covid certificate

Welcome to the rooms of illusions

Come be amazed by our rooms which are full of surprising illusions and new perspectives! WOW combines fun with learning, culture and virtuality.

Across three floors and more than 400 square meters you will lose yourself in infinity, stand upside down and wonder about your own perception.

Can you even believe your eyes?

Be inspired and amazed that there is no right or wrong and that everyone sees things differently.

Be invited to cherish your illusions! We make room for it!

Come and dive into the WOW Experience - A museum has never been so much fun!

In the WOW museum, nothing is as it seems.



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Are you ready for an adventure?

The WOW Museum in Zurich offers entertainment for all age groups and encourages interactive participation.

Whether with friends, family or business colleagues together you can experiment, make your own illusions and take some fun pictures.

The premises are also a perfect event location for up to 70 people.

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In the heart of Zurich, just a few steps from Bahnhofstrasse and Zürich Main Station.


The impossible rectangle a two- dimensional figure which our visual system recognize as representing a projection of a 3D object that in reality cannot exist.

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The 3D Illusion cube related to the impossible cube or irrational cube invented by M.C. Escher for his print Belvedere.

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The impossible triangle

...also known as the Penrose triangle. It is an optical illusion that can exist just in perspective drawings, but cannot exist as a real object.

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The WOW Museum was created by the married couple Vanessa and Matthias Kammermann together with a team from the Zurich agency Aroma. "WOW combines fun with learning, culture and immersive art," says Vanessa Kammermann. "Nothing here is as it seems. We create space to create illusions."

From the very beginning, Vanessa's vision was to create a destination for young and old in the middle of the city, to offer a cultural highlight that perfectly complements a day of shopping or a trip to Zurich.

Inspiration and idea came five years ago on a trip through Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Back in Switzerland, they never let go of their fascination for "illusions" and the desire grew to create a space for illusions in Zurich. The project was then launched in 2018 - the joint conception with Aroma took a total of 1.5 years until the delayed opening after the lockdown in June 2020.

Don't make yourself any illusions - the two founders and managing directors Vanessa and Matthias Kammermann do not like to hear this statement at all. It is this fantastic quality of imagination, a lot of ambition, entrepreneurship and perseverance that has brought them to where they are today: in the middle of downtown Zurich, in a prime location right next to Bahnhofstrasse. The WOW Museum means everything to Vanessa, her husband and her 4 children. It is the 5th baby of the family that will grow with them. They want to show their kids that you can and must stay flexible and reinvent your life again and again if the situation requires it and that you should never stop being curious and dreaming.

Many turbulent months lie behind the WOW Team with up's and down's, with many uncertain but also heartwarming moments, overwhelmed by the great interest and rush, despite the uncertain times.

By the way: The foyer of the museum also holds a personal secret of which Vanessa is especially proud, the huge WOW, which is located there, is reflected in the ceiling and results in the word MOM? Here the two worlds are connected, which is not only symbolic for Vanessa as Working Power-Mom, but also for her core team which consists of real power women, with whom she rocks the WOW Museum since June 2020. Wonderfully complemented by the WOW house magician, who inspires the guests week after week.

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