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We recommend booking the tickets online!
outdoor experience at the WOW City Rally
WOW moments in the city
outdoor experience at the WOW City Rally
WOW moments in the city
outdoor experience at the WOW City Rally
WOW moments in the city
outdoor experience at the WOW City Rally
WOW moments in the city
Outdoor City Rally

A city walk of a different kind!

Start the WOW City Rally with your team and find the secret location of Willow! Get the best ranking and create your own illusions of you and your team!

A rally full of WOW moments!


Welcome to the rooms of illusions

Come be amazed by our rooms which are full of surprising illusions and new perspectives! WOW combines fun with learning, culture and virtuality.

Across three floors and more than 400 square meters you will lose yourself in infinity, stand upside down and wonder about your own perception. Your smartphone or tablet will playfully guide you through the museum.

Can you even believe your eyes?

Be inspired and amazed that there is no right or wrong and that everyone sees things differently.

Be invited to cherish your illusions! We make room for it!

Come and dive into the WOW Experience - A museum has never been so much fun!

In the WOW museum, nothing is as it seems.




WOW Magic Nights

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Rent the WOW

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Are you ready for WOW?

Individuals - Families - Seniors - Couples - First Dates - Groups up to 12 people

The WOW Museum in Zurich offers entertainment for every age group and encourages interactive participation. Use your own device (smartphone or tablet) and you will be guided through the museum in a playful way.

Whether with friends, family or work colleagues. Together you can try things out, experiment, create illusions and take great pictures.

We generally recommend using the online ticket pre-sale (especially on weekends and during the holiday season).


  1. Charged smartphone or tablet
  2. Clothing as thin as possible, as the
    4 photo action points could make
    you sweat quite a bit
  3. Curiosity and playfulness

School visits - Team events - Groups of 13 or more people

The premises are perfect for school classes, team building occasions or as an event location for up to 70 people.

School classes can organise their visit via our separate booking system. Tuesdays are always reserved for school visits.

Group enquiries from 13 people and upwards can be organised directly via the "Group button".

Smaller groups without a guided tour may purchase tickets directly via the "Ticket button". There are no guided tours at the weekend.


In the heart of Zurich, just a few steps from Bahnhofstrasse and Zürich Main Station.


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