Frequently asked questions

How does the City Rally work?

The City Rally is all about discovering the secret location of Willow. You start at the WOW Museum in Zurich and embark on a journey to discover the secret place using your smartphone. With the help of GPS, you go from one location to the next, where interesting illusions and tasks are waiting for you. You can only go to the next location if you master each challenge. What will you discover at the destination? An exciting journey unfolds in front of you, full of WOW moments and impressive discoveries which will hopefully change your perception in everyday life.

How can I get a ticket?

Tickets for the City Rally can be bought directly on the website Go to the “City Rally” section. From there you will be forwarded to our booking system. Choose your desired day, time and number of people and you will receive the ticket by email.

Can I buy my ticket on site?

No, unfortunately tickets can only be purchased online at the moment. Tickets can be purchased here.

Where is the starting point?

The start is at the WOW Museum. The address is Werdmühlerstrasse 10, 8001 Zurich.

Where is the final destination?

The destination is at the Willow’s secret location, somewhere in the city of Zurich. Only Willow and YOU will know the exact location once you have found it!

How much time do I need for the City Rally?

The entire City Rally is expected to take 90 minutes. However, time can greatly vary from group to group. In order not to be late on later appointments, we recommend you plan for 2 hours.

How many participants are required to take part in the City Rally?

To take part in the City Rally you need to be at least 3 people. If you are more than 5, you will be divided into two teams and you will have the chance to compete against each other.

What do I need to have with me on the City Rally?

VERY IMPORTANT: Bring your ticket and a CHARGED smartphone with internetaccess. Please keep in mind that the mobile phone should not be older than from the year 2017 and that your internet browser has the latest update. Shoes suitable for walking as well as something to drink are highly recommended.

From what age is the City Rally suitable?

The City Rally is suitable for ages 7 and up. Children up to 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need internet access for the City Rally?

Yes! The City Rally only works with a smartphone that has internet access. The City Rally claims a data usage of 30 MB at most.

How many smartphones are needed per team?

One smartphone with the ticket access link is required per team. And optionally another one for navigation during the City Rally.

How much battery do I need for the City Rally?

You need at least 60% battery to complete the City Rally. However, were recommend that you show up with a fully charged smartphone.

I have almost no battery left on my phone!

If your battery is running low, you can simply share the booking link. This way, another person in the team can continue the rally.

Are tickets refunded in case of bad weather?

No, unfortunately not.

Is the City Rally accessible by wheelchair?

The City Rally has limited wheelchair access. In certain places you have to use the stairs. However, it is always possible to circumvent and reach the goal from another side. In this case, please calculate more time for the completion of the City Rally.

Can I come with a baby stroller?

There are certain places where you have to use the stairs. However, it is always possible to circumvent and reach the goal from another side. In this case, please calculate more time for the completion of the City Rally.

How many kilometers does the City Rally cover?

A total distance of 2-3 kilometers is covered during the entire journey of the City Rally.

Do I need suitable shoes or are flip-flops also okay?

In the City Rally you cover a distance of 2-3 kilometers in total. Therefore, good shoes are highly recommended!

Is there an emergency number in case I need help?

If you can't find the solution to a problem, you can ask for the answer directly on your mobile phone under «Tip». We can also help you with technical questions on the following helpline: 043 244 15 79

I can't scan the clues on the rally.

Try reloading the page. If this does not help, start again with the access link in the booking confirmation. Don't worry, you can continue with your last challenge.

City Rally Guide is freezing!

Willow's advice: It is best to briefly reload the page.

Can I take a break during the City Rally?

Sure, the City Rally can be paused without any problems. So take it easy, take breaks, have something to eat. You can always continue the City Rally with the access link. This was sent to you by Ticketino by e-mail.

Do I have to use public transport during the City Rally?

No, the use of public transport is not required.

How early in advance can the City Rally be booked?

If your group consists of up to 15 people, you can book the City Rally up to a day in advance (if there are still places available). However, for larger groups we recommend that you book your tickets at least 10 days in advance.

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Mit dem Zug

Bis Zürich Hauptbahnhof und 5 Min zu Fuss

Mit der Tram

Fahre mit der Tram Nummer 6, 7, 11, 13 oder 17 bis zur Haltestelle Bahnhofstrasse, dann noch 2 Minuten zu Fuss

Mit dem Auto

Parken im Parkhaus Urania, dann noch 3 Minuten zu Fuss

Mit dem PubliBike

Fahr mit dem Leihvelo von jeder Station in der Stadt Zürich bis zur Station am Werdmühleplatz, dann über die Strasse direkt ins WOW Museum